(interesante que Perú está quedando mejor que Colombia en muchos indicadores últimamente)


Colombia´s ranking in the Worlds Best Countries

Rank: 62


90.5% Literacy Rate 13.1 Avg years of schooling


66 yrs healthy life expectancy

Quality of life

58.5% Income inequality GINI 0.694 Gender gap 27.88% Percent living on less than U$2/day U$3,716 Consumption per capita 52.5 Homicides per 100,000 74,6 Environmental health 12.0% Unemployment rate

Economic dynamism

U$9,200 Productive growth 54.86% Services %of GDP 2.51% Manufacturing % of GDP 3.17 Inonvation index 37 Eae of doing business 3.0 yrs Time to resolve insolvency 20 days New business start time

Political Environment

3.0 Freedom house rating 5.00 Political participation 59.5 Political stability

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