Redgate Confusion – Roman Kossak & Wanda Siedlecka, some time ago.

This album of 1986, with Kossak (electric recorder, harmonics) and Siedlecka (voice, electric guitar), together with a mysterious bass player, is in the same (funky) class of the weird and unique one-shot album La inocencia de las edades impares reviewed by Iozef Parunak for Alfil Blau in the early 21st century (with the then-famous now semi-forgotten Campos fracturados del mediterráneo, the first version of the well-known Bifurcaciones espinosas and a weird take on the infamous Libérate de tus generadores by Toreros Muertos). In the latest reissue, Kossak and Siedlecka add songs from the Satmar in Fleischmann’s, NY, resampled and rearranged – they also include Pinhole Music, recorded with pinhole devices all over the world, an interview to an interviewer in Sammatti, Finland, and the famous Apollos Mahler Heimweh and Satie howls. They complete the album by the odd and somewhat incoherent inclusion of Scottish Music: Rain in St Andrews/Miss Janice’s Reel/The Sands of Lewis.

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