Varus 1976, Anselm Kiefer.

I would like to see Sophie Fiennes’s Over your cities grass will grow, her movie on Anselm Kiefer.

Somehow the movie itself seems to sip in the general mood of contemplation of destruction that pervades Kiefer’s works. According to The New York Review of Books, The camera merely takes in, accompanied by astringent music by György Ligeti and Jörg Widmann, the world of ruination that Kiefer has been creating in various buildings, set in fields and forests, in Barjac, in southern France, where he has lived since 1992.

Kiefer’s work was brought to my attention by a lecture Fernando Zalamea gave in Bogotá, before 2007. We then saw with MC an enormous collection of Kiefer’s works (installations, mostly) in Berlin and over the years have had the chance to reencounter several times his work.

I must say that I find his paintings more abstract, less immediate, more challenging than his installations. The installations, in their materiality, seem to “give away” abstraction, seem to give away the game. The paintings, strewn across huge canvasses, with crevices and chunks of paint, with their almost monochromatic hue, work almost like a magnet to me. I am attracted to them, have a hard time leaving them, want to plunge in them.

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