Friday, during the lecture

Bruce Nauman

Marja Sakkari on Sol LeWitt, Bruce Nauman, Roman Opalka . . . recording progression . . . deconstr . . . simple statements true or false depending on context


Also, a poetic, challenging, setting the bar very high for clarity, lecture by Jan Zwicky, explaining how Gestalt may frame simplicity in a more effective way for us – she navigates different worlds in ways that only a poet (who is also an independent and very original philosopher) could.

Boredom being discussed by Marja Sakkari – outside –  minimalism – Opalka – Heidegger – Sontag (and may I add, Cioran, in his eternal Sunday boredoms).

Later today: Malliaris, Gromov, our Math Panel: Ghys, Iemhoff, McDuff, Sargsyan, Senechal, Woodin and myself. And to crown it all, Arana and Sullivan.

A long day in front.

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