Walking the highline.

Already three times on the highline: with Dror and Ayhan in a very pleasant June of 2010, with María Clara under scorching heat in July of 2010 and now with Alejo and María Clara, in the almost wintry April of 2013. Always thrilling to me: the proof that it is actually possible to turn urban disasters into spaces for people, spaces that can be enjoyed with no cars, with no fees, and from where one can see the city as a huge work of art. True, one can be critical of the whole idea (as MC is) – but really, one could have a much worse thing there.

This time, with the thrilling expectation that preceded Simplicity (and the meeting of many minds, many singularities there), we went for a beautiful walk on the Monday before, with Alejo and MC, just for the fun of talking and discussing and watching the city.

Here is a little record of the walk – some of the transitions are weird, but I do not have now the patience to go over it again (for now at least):

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