unearthing old videos

A conversation with Rami, and an ongoing communication with MC, Roman and Wanda, led me to reconsider these old videos (they are linked, of course – they are linked with friends, with Carlos and Zully, with Rami and Monica, with Gabriel and his mother, with Zoran, Tim and the Geometry and Model Theory crowd, with Alejo and Alfonso):

[Andrés baila – made by María Clara Cortés, Barcelona, July 2011]

[Hacia la tricotomía – Mérida, Venezuela, September 2011]

[Zoran Škoda plays and sings – Chía, July 2012]

[Alfonso Correa and Gabriel Padilla play/improvise on sephardic themes. Both Alfonso and Gabriel are very sephardic friends of mine. June 2012]

[Fragments of a conversation between María Clara Cortés and me – as seen by Alejandro Martín. June 2011]

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