recap – tarte tatin – stream of

Having no time to compose posts – to com-post, as it were – during these past days, I reduce my comments to some photographic hints of a few moments of these past heady days. No glimpse of a six-day immersion into the world of modular invariants with Tim – quantum and classical – one of the most beautiful times of my mathematical life so far. This is what I want to do, that is what I want to solve. On Sunday mere extreme, but elated, fatigue:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADays before, a meeting with our friends F and ME, accompanied by tarte tatin [now made symbolic of all that’s not green jelly=analytic philosophy, tarte tatin is continental, phenomenological, husserlian, merleau-pontyian, perhaps even, in a twisted way, peircian! (I need to add the quote from F’s essay, of course…)] and fishpie – a meeting to reminisce the harshnesses and porosity of the Scottish coastline, all the while visiting beloved movies in our palates and minds, evoking Riemann surfaces and antinomian roots and branches (and so many trees, so many shapes in ME’s incredible collection). An infinite conversation, infinitely branching and porous and twisting and self-reflecting. An evening made of expectations, discoveries, much more unsaid than said, much more implied than stated. Like walking on the upper decks of those abandoned abbeys of Yorkshire and Scotland, made similar to the coastline by cumulated winds and storms, and glimpsing at the abysses, the fall, the vertigo. It was vertigo!

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No time to read: barely 30 pages of Gombrowicz: the fall into immaturity as told in Ferdydurke – one cannot read too fast such topics. It seems to speak of my own (daily) falls into immaturity, my own inner struggles between a mature AV and the many immature versions of AV that co-exist and resurface and bully the mature one as in the novel. The novel creates streams of consciousness, pro-bono.

Of course, a couple of articles for my logic course – among them, one by Schiemer and Reck called Logic in the 1930s: Type Theory and Model Theory. The very least I can do for my students if starting to teach mathematical logic for the n-th time is to renew sources, at least a little bit – and read about the origins (ideally, some original material as well). Juliette’s paper for the Bulletin is of course, another important source.

Teo visited today. MC took him to the big park at Museo del Chicó, to be in the park, to play. And then, afternoon, he stayed here, talking a bit, playing a lot, laughing and looking at labyrinths and building houses and car runs. He is almost impossible to photograph – he moves too fast for the low light of Bogotá, for my lack of flash in the camera.


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