universal tree

This had indeed the look of a universal tree, or so my friend told me (and convinced me). A couple of small lime trees (or was it orange trees?) in El Ocaso (that marvel of a place of dreams), on the Western slopes of the Eastern Colombian Andes.

My friend, the friend whose eye made me see the universality of those lime trees, is a painter, born in 1930 in Chicago, of a Czech family (father born with the century in Vienna, escaped the Austro-Hungarian empire’s and the impending draft of Czechs in Vienna, only to fight at the end of WWI back in Europe, in France – and then go back to America and have two sons – one who fought in the Pacific in WWII, the other one, my friend, in Korea). Don Kurka, the younger of those two brothers, a youthful person at age 88, has a marvelous eye for many things here in Colombia.

I took 111 photographs and sent them to Don. Only 16 survived his sharp eye. I added two that I could not really throw away…

Coda. We have been watching the Israeli series When Heroes Fly… we were extremely happy with Shtisel; this one is perhaps more standard, less unique, but there are two aspects that make it really nice for us to watch: it is made both in Israel and in… Bogotá. Many locations in Bogotá are actually very close to where we used to live (in La Macarena), where we now live (in Chapinero) and of course there is a lot of La Candelaria. There are Israeli and Colombian actors. BUT the crown, the reason I mention it here is that starting in Episode 4, the “Israeli heroes” travel to “The Jungle near Bogotá”. Well, that jungle near Bogotá, or whatever they call it, is… El Ocaso, La Esperanza. So, all these images of the universal tree – the series has shown a lot of that also.

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