too floating (on walking in a photo-infused city)

these photos were posted on my fb page a couple of days earlier; some people commented on them, some even said they liked them very much and later explained why

in my case, it was more of a slight homage, a very modest acknowledgment of a sensibility being triggered by the brutal amount of great photography done by people from that city, in that city sometimes

Budapest was an occasion to connect:

  • with Michael Makkai, that great Mathematical Logician and person; I felt honored to celebrate his 80th birthday in Budapest, and to give a lecture in that great occasion at the Rényi Institute!
  • with many logicians, some older friends (János Makowsky, who went from Haifa to the meeting; Péter Komjath, who was one of the organizers), some new colleagues (and some inspiring talks)
  • with the incredible Danube I keep reading about and (meandering encountering at every turn, be it in Vienna, in Budapest or in the writings of people like Canetti)
  • with great café life (in particular, IF, the best jazz café to do math in the world and perhaps dually the best math café to listen to live music in the world)
  • with archives of photographers (Kértesz, Moholy-Nagy, Capa are perhaps the first that come to mind, but there are so many others!) and their amazing obsession with reflection/transparency
  • with combinatorics (last but not least)

As I was walking toward the Jewish Quarter Sunday a week ago, I encountered this:

4 thoughts on “too floating (on walking in a photo-infused city)

    1. well, of course there can be no answer 🙂

      my only reasonable attempt at an answer would be “a cafe where you feel happy doing math, and where other mathematicians seem to converge”…

      1. To me the most difficult thought, which I may only rarely be forced into, needs a quiet that won’t be found in a cafe. I also prefer to pour coffee at home from a thermos, where it doesn’t get cold. But I did once spend a few July days taking a laptop to the neighborhood Starbucks (no better option in walking distance) for the AC

  1. yes, difficult thoughts require a special kind of quiet – if I am in a cafe, I then need to wear headphones and play some music that will take away all surrounding sounds (what kind of music, it depends – usually chamber but can also be Baroque or…)…

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