at this point …

… too much writing, too much wringing, too many possibilities these days …

Perhaps the young ones will know in their skin they can actually stop the world if need be! (I heard this on a zoom cocktail party with colleagues. I agree. I hope.)

Best understatement so far: Ayhan’s message.

Some images of our complete exhaustion (from confinement, from repetition, from …):

2 thoughts on “at this point …

  1. Poem
    By Emily Dickinson

    Bee! I’m expecting you!
    Was saying Yesterday
    To Somebody you know
    That you were due –

    The Frogs got Home last Week –
    Are settled, and at work –
    Birds, mostly back –
    The Clover warm and thick –

    You’ll get my Letter by
    The seventeenth; Reply
    Or better, be with me –
    Yours, Fly.

  2. Thank you, Juliette, for your comment, for the Emily Dickinson poem!

    Now trying to unravel it. It seems to jump and fly…

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