dreams / wax (unstructure)

Now the dream was near a river – unfortunately a polluted river. We were with Jaime and María Clara, with several other people. Swimming naked with people who normally one wouldn’t imagine skinny dipping. It was somehow related to the pandemia, to having gone back. Awareness of the pandemia was inside the dream, somehow. And the return to swimming in public had somehow made people shed swimsuits. It felt natural and obvious and was part of our internal changes. The only thing that seemed odd in that dream was the pollution in the river. Otherwise it would have been great.

I wrote dram instead of dream. Dram is a measure – of alcohol quite often. It is also dynamic random access memory. And also an abbreviation of dramatism.

When I woke up I didn’t quite wake up. I mean, I stayed in a sort of semi-dreamy semi-awake state. A sense of strong lack of structure in my mind pervaded me, and I enjoyed it. It felt as if I had become a kind of floating wax, with no structure whatsoever. (I thought about the state one should reach with meditation, with yoga – a state I very seldom attain. I enjoyed not having structure, just being like a wax block about to melt.)

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