a nostalgic look at 2019

I surprised myself missing having made my “end-of-year” video for 2019. I surprised myself because I started missing it… in June 2020.

June 2020, July 2020, really March, April, May, June, now July 2020 – these months figure in my mind, in my memory as a sort of world slump, of global freeze, of entrance into a singularity from which the way out still seems uncertain – not just the when but now mostly the if.

For some reason I started a few days ago missing sorely the account of 2019. It was an important year – with strong personal moments, with some (extremely significant) trips: to Italy, Austria and Finland in January – and back to Colombia in the middle for my father’s funeral – to Budapest in the summer, to the Colombian Caribbean and Santander in July and August, to Southern Chile in December.

Here is an account – a very personal (and nostalgic) look at 2019, made a few days ago:

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