(Old and no longer used) Fleischmann’s train station, in the Catskills. Between 1880 and 1920, special trains with rich families from New York City would come to spend summers in these towns in the Catskills. Whole klezmer bands (at the cheaper hotels) or mini-orchestras (at the more posh villas), hundreds of hotels, carriages, fine horses, news of “who was spending the summer where”… The car, and then the possibility of flying, all but destroyed this way of vacationing. Today, the remaining villas are either haunted places, or restored, but rather modest hotels. At Fleischmann’s, the Satmar Hassidim from Brooklyn vacation in the summer. The new community is a mixed crowd of New Yorkers and Mexican immigrants. Great place for really nice walks (woods, nature, bears), with many parallels (really, scaled parallels) to El Ocaso and La Esperanza.