Tropical geometries

Rainy season in the tropics: when it starts you brace yourself. Floods, cold winds, greyness, long rainfalls, lasting one to two hours, when only the bravest or the neediest dare cross the streets and soak their feet, when being besides a fireplace is the only sensible thing you could imagine doing, when for many days you will see mountains through mist, the city as a backdrop to some photograph from the 1930s in Eastern Europe, people in plastic coats and woolen scarves, sore throats, wet stray dogs in the streets, the occasional drowned rat in some lot, your leather shoes gone to ruin by the sheer amount of water, the fields of Chía and Cajicá and Cota looking like little lakes, the stream up La Vieja as if multiplied by ten, the roads of Colombia blocked by falling rocks, the farmers happy with the rain because “it was altogether too dry”, your bicycle gone to rust unless you want to spend whole days soaked wet, your place impossible to warm, forcing you to put boiling water in bottles inside your bed to be able to sleep, and the greyness of everything. This is the rainy season in the tropics. It has started. Let us brace ourselves for the darkness, the greyness, the wetness, the cold, the poetry of it!

Photographs taken at noon, today, at the University in Bogotá.