“Twombly’s scribbles are as functionless as Cervantes’ withered limb—and that’s the point. In a world that puts the highest value on easy meaning and quantifiable results, this artist creates meaningless scrawls. They are truly a “quixotic gesture”—”utterly impractical” and “imaginary,” as my dictionary defines the meaning of “quixotic.” Twombly’s art is the ghost of Cervantes’ useless arm.”

Assessing Cy Twombly by Lee Siegel 

Cy Twombly – Untitled VII from Bacchus Series – 2005

(part of what makes this series (Bacchus) so moving, so brutal, is the sheer size of it: you have to imagine being in a big (industrial big) room in Tate Modern, surrounded by several paintings in the series – the physicality of Twombly’s paintings then takes you by the throat … the artist Elyn Zimmerman was quoted by her husband Kirk Varnedoe as saying of a(nother) painting of Twombly “it’s so large and complex that it has its own weather”)