Garbled, chaotic, self-refusing, auto-rejecting, half-dreamy days, these ones. Beginning of semester feeling the abruptness of change, the turning of tiles, the shuffling of cards, the opening of seals. Smallish index properties galore, moving topoi resting and at ease, like soldiers the night before the battle. Trees of partial morphs, gluing and amalgamating and blocking. Open areas fighting smallness. Lochak’s book lurking behind, tumbling ideologies and twisting friendships abode. Ferdydurke’s pupas and groins and limbs and mothers and teachers and ears and glands, a lad’s smell – warts and farts and darting fights – inside and out. Polish sweat-house.

All the while, realizing that extending jarred invariants from upper half to reals implies smashing groups, plunging sheaves, twisting leaves, and finally mapping the remnant section to its mores.

(In order, above: undergraduates at the University, women selling orange juice above Chía, a backhoe blocking our way out of the house, as new sewage lines are being drawn in Fonquetá; below, (retired) Chemistry professor Cortés, in his restaurant in Tabio, voicing (starkly) his mind against curates and opiates, Art History professor Cortés, thinking ramifications, and curator Martín, listening and musing.)